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DCR at Committee of the Whole

On April 10, 2024, the Brilliant Energy Institute (BEI) team, as the secretariat for the Durham Climate Roundtable (DCR), participated in the Regional Municipality of Durham Committee of the Whole Climate Change Workshop chaired by DCR co-chair, Durham Regional Chair and CEO John Henry.    

BEI Director and DCR co-chair, Jennifer Alsop highlighted the work of the Durham Climate Roundtable. Jennifer introduced DCR leadership committee member Sam Sadeghi, Vice President Vice President, Distribution Operations and Asset Management, Elexicon Energy Inc. Sam shared details on Elexicon’s electrification and energy transition planning and highlighted the collaboration needed for delivery.  

The workshop agenda also featured an overview of climate mitigation actions in the GTHA, insights from the Task Force for Housing & Climate, and climate adaptation and strategic directions for future work from the Climate Risk Institute.  

As champions for climate action in the Durham Region, the meeting served as a valuable platform for members of the Durham Climate Roundtable to share insights on the specific needs and challenges that the Region faces when combatting climate change. The Durham Climate Roundtable continues to work towards strengthening climate action strategies and work towards decarbonization.  

To learn more about the Committee of the Whole, and watch the live stream, click here.

BEI Director, Jennifer Alsop addressing the Committee of the Whole at Durham Region headquarters

Sam Sadeghi, Elexicon, addressing the Committee of the Whole.