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Champions for Climate Action in Durham Region

The Durham Climate Roundtable (DCR) is a leadership body comprised of member organizations from across Durham Region, including regional and local government, as well as corporate and community organizations.

Following a collaborative governance model, together, we’ve committed to addressing climate change through actions in the region that support Canada’s commitment of net-zero carbon by 2050. Through an annual progress report and regular meetings, we are holding each other accountable to meet committed milestones and targets and to strengthen our knowledge of effective climate mitigation and adaptation.

The DCR was established in December 2022 when Regional Council unanimously endorsed the concept of transitioning the Durham Region Roundtable on Climate Change (DRRCC) to an independent multi-stakeholder entity based within Ontario Tech University. For several years, the DRRCC served as a volunteer advisory board to Durham Council providing the voice of climate action in Durham. DCR was further endorsed by the new Leadership Committee of member organizations in May 2023.

The Brilliant Energy Institute (BEI) at Ontario Tech University serves as the independent secretariat funded by the Region of Durham to support the knowledge and actions necessary to build a better future.

Working together, we strive to strengthen climate action strategies of communities, corporations, industry sectors and residents across Durham and to hold each other to account in our collective efforts to decarbonize. Our work aligns to Canadian legislation and Canada’s international commitments to achieve net-zero carbon by 2050. An annual report provides a snapshot of progress and details greenhouse-gas emission sources and progress year-over-year. 

The DCR leadership committee includes:

Region of Durham and Local Area Municipalities 

  • Regional Councilor John Henry (Co-Chair), Region of Durham 
  • Regional Councilor Sterling Lee, Town of Ajax  
  • Regional Councilor Walter Schummer, Township of Brock  
  • Regional Councilor Adrian Foster, Municipality of Clarington  
  • Regional Councilor Dan Carter, City of Oshawa  
  • Regional Councilor Maurice Brenner, City of Pickering  
  • Regional Councilor Wilma Wotten, Township of Scugog  
  • Regional Councilor Dave Barton, Township of Uxbridge  
  • Regional Councilor Chris Leahy, Town of Whitby  

Community and Business Leaders

  • Nicole Swain, Durham Agricultural Advisory Committee
  • Jason King, Durham Alliance (Boards of Trade and Chambers of Commerce) 
  • Joe Major, Durham College 
  • Vivian Curl, Durham Community Foundation 
  • Lisa Bianca, Durham District School Board 
  • Indrani Butany-DeSouza, Elexicon Energy  
  • Doug Yates, General Motors  
  • Kurt Kornelsen, Ontario Power Generation 
  • Dr. Daniel Hoornweg (Report Author), Ontario Tech University 
  • Jennifer Alsop (Co-chair), Brilliant Energy Institute at Ontario Tech University 
  • Daniel Arbour, Oshawa Power 
  • Alanna Aqui, St. Mary’s Cement 
  • Luke Nguyen, Youth representative
DCR initiatives include:
  • An annual multi-sector inventory of greenhouse gas emissions and progress report,

  • The Leadership Committee, comprising representatives from local government, corporate and community leaders who are fostering change within their own organizations and communities,

  • Communications and climate literacy including excerpts and engagement with the annual report, other relevant information and resources, and

  • An annual forum and other public education activities.

Get involved!

 Learn more about the initiative and get involved:

  • Follow this website for information on how to take climate action,
  • Read the annual report -- view or download the November 2023 from the Report page,
  • Join us online or in person for the annual public forum (details on the Events Page).